Four Department of Medicine Faculty Elected to
Association of American Physicians
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Trajectory of flowing blood cells
in beating embryonic zebrafish heart
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Multidimensional Imaging
of Biological Processes
The system tracked how firing neurons are connected to the movements of roundworms. The illustration shows the heart muscles of fish embryos in action. Read More
Flexible Bioelectonics Intravascular
Wirelessly Powered
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Flexible Bioelectonics Intravascular Deployment of Wirelessly
Powered Micro-Pacer
The next generation of pacer by Parinaz Abiri Read More
Electrical Impedance Tomography Measuring Liver Fat Content
in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Multi-electrode array (MEA) is circumferentially positioned for EIT measurements of liver conductivity. Read More
Multi-channel for cardiac progenitor cells Multi-Dimensional
and Multi-Scale Imaging
Superior axial resolution and contrast Architecture and Function Read More
Impaired autophagic flux Mechanotransduction
of Vascular Injury and Repair
Mitochondrial homeostasis Temporal and spatial variations in shear stress Disturbed flow
Pulsatile flow
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Super-Resolution of Neuromuscular Junction Real-time light-sheet imaging Transgenic Tg (islet:gfp;mlcr:dsred) line gfp: motor neuron; dsred: somite/muscle Read More
4-D light sheat imaging and contractile function Shear Stress Modulation
of Trabeculation
Gata1a morpholino and EPO mRNA micro-injection Notch 1b signaling and Nrg-1 mRNA rescue Read More
Flexible micro-electrodes IVUS-Guided Intravascular
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)
Balloon stretchable EIS sensor Mechanically and metabolically unstable plaque Shear stress sensors Read More

Hsiai Lab UCLA Cardiovascular Engineering ResearchPrimarily on hemodynamics and mechanobiology

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Rapid Liposome Mimicking SARS-CoV-2 to Elucidate Thrombosis in Endothelialized Microfluidic Chip Read More


    Vascular Mechanotransduction


    Injured and Regenerating Myocardium


    Cardiac Light-Sheet Imaging


    Mechanically Unstable Plaque


    Team Science Diversity&Equity

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